I’m currently working as Head of Design at Toqio on the creation of a new fintech service that will let enterprises quickly launch and monetise new financial solutions for their customers.

Over the years, I have developed my career in consulting firms, agencies, banks, and startups such as BBVA, Ilunion, Exo Investing, and Webpac.

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Selected work

Design Principles: Crafting a foundation for designing with purpose

Head of Design (2023)

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As Head of Design at Toqio, I led a transformative project in creating robust design principles. Collaborating with other teams, we explored user needs, industry trends, and distilled insights into practical guidelines. I facilitated workshops, mentored designers, and integrated the principles into our workflow, fostering collaboration and aligning teams. The impact extended beyond design, empowering us to exceed expectations and reinforce a user-centered approach. This project showcased our commitment to excellence and the remarkable synergy within our team.

Nigiri: A flexible Design System for tailored digital banking solutions

Lead Product Designer (2022)

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Nigiri is a flexible and customizable design system developed for Toqio's embedded finance platform. Based on atomic design principles, it empowers users to create unique and cohesive user interfaces and offers granular control over design elements, ensuring tailored and impactful banking solutions.

Empowering corporates: BBVA Global NetCash app for efficient treasury management

Global Design Manager (2021)

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BBVA Global NetCash is a treasury management app designed for corporate banking. This solution offers centralized management for multinational companies with branches in multiple countries and accounts in various currencies.

Through extensive discovery research, we identified the specific needs of users such as CFOs, accountants, and authorized representatives. Understanding the contexts in which the app is used, we focused on enabling quick actions like payment tracking and signing, as well as providing easy access to account balances and statements.

Exo Investing, an AI powered Investment Platform

Design Lead (2018)

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I worked on the interaction and visual design of Exo Investing, a fintech robo-advisor launched in the UK in 2018. The challenge was to enable private investors with medium to advanced knowledge to create customized ETF portfolios aligned with their risk profile.

To ensure portfolios met their needs, we implemented complex configuration options, intuitive data visualization, and reliable investment tracking. Extensive ideation, prototyping, and user testing were conducted to deliver a powerful, attractive, and user-friendly solution for experienced investors.

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Latest employers

Head of Design (2021-Now)
Global Design Lead (2018-2021)
Exo Investing
Lead Designer (2016-2018)
Design Manager (2011-2016)
UX/UI Designer (2008-2011)
UI Designer (2005-2008)

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Originally from the island of Mallorca, I now live in Madrid where I lead teams that design digital products offering captivating user experiences. I have worked in numerous sectors, especially in the fintech, banking, and SaaS spaces. Over the last 10 years, I have focused on developing three skill sets that I believe are fundamental for a lead designer:

  • I lead teams from the trenches to create digital products, focusing on both tactical and strategic efforts. Everything a design team does should focus on users but must also keep business requirements and goals a top priority. It takes a bit of juggling and it’s not an easy skill to learn.
  • I get directly involved in the different phases of the design process, especially with regard to the interaction design and visuals. Admittedly, I’m a huge technology enthusiast, and I revel in trying new apps, designing usable interfaces, and learning everything I can about the latest design trends.
  • I genuinely enjoy building design teams from scratch, then providing them with the methodologies and processes required to cover all the stages of the design life cycle, as well as demonstrating how design can be an effective tool for change and innovation within a company.

Things that I really enjoy

Not necessarily in that order...

🍷 Food and wine — 🛵 Motorcycling — ✈️ Traveling — 🎸 Music, movies and books — 🐶 Dogs — 👨🏻‍🍳 Cooking — 🖼️ Art — 🪑 Furniture — ⛰️ Hiking

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