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Hola! I’m Joan — a senior product designer based in Madrid, Spain.

I thrive on all things design, from meticulously pixel-aligning layers to leading and growing multidisciplinary teams.



Design Lead — 2022

Toqio's embedded finance platform empowers corporates to create and launch their financial solutions, connecting banking providers with a customizable web and app interface. When I joined Toqio in May 2021, my mission was to build a multidisciplinary design team from the ground up. Our goal was to transition from an MVP to a mature product that delivers a seamless experience to both businesses and end-users. To achieve this, we developed Nigiri, a fully customizable design system using tokens and variables, which elevated our product to the next level. From there, we continued to enhance features, working closely with our customers and third-party partners.


Toqio's design principles

Design Lead — 2022

As Head of design at Toqio, I led a transformative project in creating robust design principles. Collaborating with other teams, we explored user needs, industry trends, and distilled insights into practical guidelines. I facilitated workshops, mentored designers, and integrated the principles into our workflow, fostering collaboration and aligning teams. The impact extended beyond design, empowering us to exceed expectations and reinforce a user-centered approach. This project showcased our commitment to excellence and the remarkable synergy within our team.


BBVA Agent

Global Design Lead — 2021

BBVA Agent is a digital solution that allows companies to track their syndicated loans where BBVA is the agent bank, along with access to information on their financing. One of the project's bigest challenges was delving into the complex business domain, we successfully bridged the gap between diverse stakeholders in the conventional and less digitalized corporate banking sector, leading an extensive product discovery phase, which involved conducting qualitative research and facilitating design thinking workshops.


BBVA Global Netcash App

Global Design Lead — 2020

BBVA Global NetCash is a treasury management app designed for corporate banking. This solution offers centralized management for multinational companies with branches in multiple countries and accounts in various currencies.

Through extensive discovery research, we identified the specific needs of users such as CFOs, accountants, and employees. Understanding the contexts in which the app is used, we focused on enabling quick actions like payment tracking and signing, as well as providing easy access to account balances and statements.


Exo Investing

Lead Designer — 2018

I worked on the interaction and visual design of Exo Investing, a fintech robo-advisor launched in the UK in 2018. The challenge was to enable private investors with medium to advanced knowledge to create customized ETF portfolios aligned with their risk profile.

To ensure portfolios met their needs, we implemented complex configuration options, intuitive data visualization, and reliable investment tracking. Extensive ideation, prototyping, and user testing were conducted to deliver a powerful, attractive, and user-friendly solution for experienced investors.


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