About me

Originally from the island of Mallorca, I now live in Madrid where I lead teams that design digital products offering captivating user experiences. I have worked in numerous sectors, especially in the fintech, banking, and SaaS spaces. Over the last 10 years, I have focused on developing three skill sets that I believe are fundamental for a lead designer:

  • I lead teams from the trenches to create digital products, focusing on both tactical and strategic efforts. Everything a design team does should focus on users but must also keep business requirements and goals a top priority. It takes a bit of juggling and it’s not an easy skill to learn.
  • I get directly involved in the different phases of the design process, especially with regard to the interaction design and visuals. Admittedly, I’m a huge technology enthusiast, and I revel in trying new apps, designing usable interfaces, and learning everything I can about the latest design trends.
  • I genuinely enjoy building design teams from scratch, then providing them with the methodologies and processes required to cover all the stages of the design life cycle, as well as demonstrating how design can be an effective tool for change and innovation within a company.

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